On Helicopter Rides


Here is a tip for lobbyists: Promising a helicopter ride will increase the number of MPs who agree to visit your facilities. If you have access to other novelties (rides in a tugboat, visiting an operating theatre, etc), you should consider offering […]

Old Stuff I’m Finding


In packing for Edinburgh I’m going through lots of old papers. Here are some highlights (in no special order. PETITION FOR THE RETURN OF TELECOM TO PUBLIC OWNERSHIP by SPOT (Society for Publicly Owned Telecommunications) , 1998. Their reasons: Telecom rips us […]

PCANZ to leave CASI


The PCANZ report that they will leave The Churches’ Agency on Social Issues. I hope the motivation isn’t money savings alone. Having worked for CASI and its predecessor (the Joint Methodist Presbyterian Public Questions Committee) for several years (1996 to 2001) I […]