Sources for Christian Anarchist Thought

Here is a brief list of resources for those exploring Christianity and anarchism. This is by not means a complete list – just an old list I stumbled across on my hard drive. Send me more items if you know of any.

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Ballou, Adin, Practical Christian Socialism (1854).

Berdyaev, Nicholas, The Realm of the Spirit and the Realm of Caesar (1946).

Berdyaev, Nicholas, Slavery and Freedom, trans., E. M. French, (Geoffrey Bles, 1943).

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Ellul, Jacques, Anarchy and Christianity, trans., Geoffrey W. Bromiley, (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdmans, 1988, 1991).

Hennacy, Ammon, The Autobiography of a Catholic Anarchist, (New York: Catholic Worker Books, 1954).

Hornus, Jean-Michel, It Is Not Lawful for Me to Fight: Early Christian Attitudes Toward War, Violence, and State, rev. ed. (Scottdale, PA: Herald, 1980).

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Tolstoy, Leo, The Kingdom of God is Within You.

Vizetelly, Ernest Alfred, The Anarchists: Their Faith and Their Record, (New York: John Lane, 1911).222