Writings on Climate Change

With COP26 kicking off in Glasgow here are some of my writings of climate change (also click on the ‘climate change‘ tag for this blog.

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———. 2020. ‘Climate Justice and God’s Justice in the Pacific: Climate Change Adaptation and Martin Luther’. In Climate Change Adaptation in the Pacific Islands: Opportunities for Faith-Engaged Approaches, edited by Johannes M. Luetz and Patrick D. Nunn, 99–113. Climate Change Management Series. Springer Nature. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-67602-5_6.

Global Methodist Perspectives on Climate Change (8 July 2021)

What can Methodists contribute to the issue of climate change from both theological and activist points of view as we approach the COP 26 meeting in Glasgow? Host Dr Richard A. Davis, panelists:

  • Mollie Pugmire, Methodist Church in Britain (London, England)
  • Mark Davies, Oklahoma City University (Oklahoma City, USA)
  • Maaraidzo Mutambara, Africa University (Mutare, Zimbabwe)
  • James Bhagwhan, Pacific Conference of Churches (Suva, Fiji)

From https://www.wesley.cam.ac.uk/centre-for-faith-in-public-life/centre-events/