Conferences in Politics and Theology

There are two conferences coming up which look exciting:

The 2008 Conference on the Bible and Justice
29 May – 1 June, 2008
University of Sheffield

The 2008 Conference on Bible and Justice will bring together scholars from around the world to explore how the ancient texts of the Bible can play an active role in addressing twenty-first century social concerns. The purpose of the conference is to foster discussion about the relevance of the Bible to modern social issues, and promote bridges between the academic field of biblical studies and the various endeavours for a just world.

The Conference Will Focus On Three Main Areas:

  • Human Rights
  • Economic Justice
  • Environmental Justice

Keynote Speakers Are:

  • Stanley Hauerwas, Duke University
  • Timothy Gorringe, University of Exeter
  • John Rogerson, University of Sheffield (Emeritus)

Society for the Study of Theology Conference 2008: Theology and Politics

St John’s College, Durham
31 March – 3 April 2008

John Milbank: provisional paper title: Paul and Politics;
Oliver O’Donovan: Romulus’s City
György Geréby: provisional paper title: Medieval Political Theology;
Scott Thomas: provisional paper title: Religion and International Relations;
Tina Beattie: provisional paper title: Theology of Human Rights
Charles Matthewes: provisional paper title: On Political Theology After The End of History