Myth of a Christian Nation have just finished reading The Myth of a Christian Nation: How the Quest for Political Power Is Destroying the Church. It was an easy read for non-fiction, but makes important theological points regarding the alignment of American Christianity and American society. The author, Greg Boyd, makes the point that, as Christians, we should be committed to the Kingdom and not to nationalism. For many reasons these things are different and in fact opposed to each other. The book is pretty orthodox and many of the conclusions should be blindingly obvious to Christians, but such is the power of culture and the temptations we face every day that it is outrageous to many Americans that they are Christian first and an American second. Boyd outlines several reasons why a Christian nation is a bad idea for the church. I recommend the book for anyone who wants to counter the “We are a Christian nation!” nonsense coming from “Bishop” Brian Tamaki.

Boyd is now working on a sequel, which will be constructive on what the Kingdom of God is, rather than what it is not. Read about it on his blog.